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Flinspach / Flinchbaugh
German Records

Johann Jacob Flinspach Geboren 1650,  1730  (Born Grossgartach Wurttemberg Germany)
Married to Anna Barbra Gerhauser 1651,
Lorentz Flinspach Geboren 1603   (Born Grossgartach Wurttemberg Germany)
Married 1st Anna Reiker  (Reichard) 2nd Barbra (Unknown)
In the Lorentz Church  on the Font there are six families that donated the Font.
One of these is Lorenz Flinspach 1603
Also in the baptistry is a memoral for Johann Flinspach 1662
Wolfgang Flinspach Geboren 1572, 1636  (Born Grossgartach Wurttemberg
Married Maria Heller
Anthoni Flinspach Geboren  1516  (Born Grossgartach Wurttemberg
Married (?)
These are the records from the Parish in Lauffen and the Lorentz Church in Leingarten (Grossgartach)  The records were taken from very old books, the oldest in 1500. The entry was written in old German Scriptures and Latin.

They were all translated by my dear friend Herr Kuno Krieger
  Lauffen Am Neckar and Leingarten are right next to the city of  Heilbronn in South West Germany.  At the time of the immigration of Johann Christoph's son Melchior the area was known for wine making.  It still is, but they also are a very industrial.  Almost all my ancestors were vine growers, for the making of good German Wine
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Johann Christoph Flinspach Geboren  1675  (des Raths) on town council, Grossgartach   (Born Grossgartach Wurttemberg Germany)
parents of Melchior L Flinspach,  Melchior immigrated to America in 1753 setteled in York Co PA


Hans Flinspach Geboren 1545  (Born Grossgartach Wurttemberg Germany)
Married Anna Kartnegel  Geboren 1550, 1594
Lauffen Runner
Heilbronn Page in German
Leingarten Page in German

Wine from Grossgartach, Germany
Wine from Grossgartach

A gift from my friend Herr  Kuno Krieger
Leingarten, Germany
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Lorentz Church Grossgartach
Pennsylvania"German" Genealogy
" Vaterland "
This saying has nothing to do with the Nazi of WW2, but just my love of the land (Germany)
where all of my Ancestors came from!

Old Seal Flinsbach
Map Lorenz
Heilbronn Pictures
Heilbronn Leingarten Lauffen
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